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Hello, dear friends! “A Simple Twist of Faith” has moved.

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7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 26


Happy 2011!  Here’s a glimpse into my week.

1.  Monday, we were back on our home school schedule.  I don’t think my five-year old was ready to crack the books just yet…would do you think? Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Her favorite color is red

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Pantry Challenge Week 1

Yesterday, I reviewed our family’s budget and realized I needed to get back on track with my grocery spending.  My jeans are also telling me I need to cut out the Christmas cookies and find some more healthy snacks.   Continue reading

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A New Year, a new me?

For me, the new year symbolizes a fresh start, full of promise and hope. As the busyness of Christmas draws to a close, it is a time to reflect on past accomplishments and failures.  It is a time to evaluate myself, and try to be a better person; a new me.

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7 Quick Takes Fridays: Christmastide Edition

 I hope you are enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas. Traditionally known as Christmastide, these twelve days start on December 25th and end on the evening of January 5th, Twelfth Night.  The next day celebrates Epiphany, when the Magi visited the baby Jesus.  Growing up, Epiphany marked the end of the Christmas season and the day our tree or other decorations came down. 

Here are some of my 2010 Christmas favorites…


1. The snow began to fall on Christmas evening. When I woke up the next day, it was still falling and continued to do so all day.   On Monday, my husband measured 14 inches of snow in our backyard.   My girls absolutely loved it. To me, it was a magical, and beautiful late Christmas gift.

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Wordless Wednesday: Fun with Frosty

Here is my oldest daughter having fun with her Daddy. It rarely snows in Tidewater Virginia, and NEVER this much at Christmastime.  I know this will be a special memory for her. Speaking of memories, today is my Mother’s birthday. She would have been 77 years old.  In honor of her special day, please read this.

Happy Birthday, Mom, you are so much a part of me.

For more Wordless Wednesday pics, click here.

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Why I Love Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a throughly British holiday celebrated the first workday after Christmas. In Victorian times, people would fill up small boxes with money and give them to those who helped them through the year such as merchants or their servants, and the poor. Upper class ladies would also give their last year dresses and fashions to their lady’s maids for their use.  The roots of Boxing Day are linked to the tradition of placing alms in the church donation box and distributing the contents to the poor after Christmas, on the Feast of Saint Stephen.   I have always been an Anglophine.  I love British literature, especially 19th century.  My favorite author is Jane Austen, although I like Dickens, Hardy, and even Trollope.  But that’s not why I love boxing day…

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Happy Birthday Jesus

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Merry Christmas to All

I wish you and your family peace and joy as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This year has been filled with many milestones for my family.  Continue reading

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