Why I Love Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a throughly British holiday celebrated the first workday after Christmas. In Victorian times, people would fill up small boxes with money and give them to those who helped them through the year such as merchants or their servants, and the poor. Upper class ladies would also give their last year dresses and fashions to their lady’s maids for their use.  The roots of Boxing Day are linked to the tradition of placing alms in the church donation box and distributing the contents to the poor after Christmas, on the Feast of Saint Stephen.   I have always been an Anglophine.  I love British literature, especially 19th century.  My favorite author is Jane Austen, although I like Dickens, Hardy, and even Trollope.  But that’s not why I love boxing day…

In our home, Boxing Day is a time to fill the empty boxes of Christmas with donations. Out with the old and in with the new is a survival tactic around here. Living in a small house or cottage, as I affectionately called it, requires a policy of no net gain.

Today, as my three-year old napped and my five-year old built a snowman with her Daddy, I tackled the book shelves.  The girls received  many wonderful books, and craft materials for Christmas gifts, so I needed to make room. I know it sounds strange, but the whole process put me in a better mood. It was so relaxing as I sorted through the shelves, remembering how old the girls were when I last read this or that particular book to them.  I must admit I did not get very far, but I sure had fun.  

Do you like giving things away or do  you feel guilty when you do?

About Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I am: a rookie at blogging, just started my blog in May 2010 when I became a full-time Mom. a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a listener of the Holy Spirit, and a Catholic. Pro-Life, , Pro-Woman and an adoption advocate wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years proud and grateful mother to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. a coffee drinking fool, so I can keep up with my little girls a home schooling novice using my kindergartener as a guinea pig a runner, it keeps me sane and in my size 8 pants an avid reader , now of Beatrix Potter's books a former workaholic & fashion follower a lover of chocolate, and wine, and the finer things in life, although I cannot afford them anymore!
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10 Responses to Why I Love Boxing Day

  1. Julie says:

    Cleaning house (err, room for me still) is very therapeutic. I like giving things away, especially if I think someone else could better use and/ or wear it. I didn’t know anything about Boxing Day, though, so that was great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kyooty says:

    Don’t rush the Christmas season out too soon. Boxing day in Canada is a holiday! Bring it 😛

  3. Kay says:

    I never knew! But it sounds like a wonderful idea. My daughter certainly needs to get rid of some clothes, especially since she got more for Christmas. I love getting rid of old things actually, but she doesn’t. Makes it tough!

  4. Pam says:

    We cleaned house today too! It is such a challenge to get my kids (ages 11 and 14) to give things up. They did really good. I was so proud that they are growing up and starting to understand the concept of giving away to others. Thank you for the info on boxing day.

  5. Sharon O says:

    I like giving things away but I don’t like the process. Last year when I first quit my job I literally spent days… maybe 4 solid days going through my closet. Putting things and in piles. Storage (summer or christmas) give away, pack away, re consider.
    In the end there were 8 large boxes that went to a womens shelter including some shoes and some pj’s. Just hoped they were short and petite I am 5 foot and weigh around 140 (yes I need to lose at least 10 pounds). It felt good to help others, now I need to do it again.
    Pray with me for the strength stamina and will power to do it with a clear purpose.

  6. Geri says:

    I have a hard time giving up my kids’ stuff although they don’t mind throwing it away when I give it back to them (to my sadness!) I lost everything I owened more than once and it’s difficult to give things up that have sentimental attachment. So, I am slowly going through things and sorting them into what I want to have around for the boys to share with their kids or when little ones come to my house and what needs to head out the door. One way to make that easier is to take pictures of the items. The memory is still there but the clutter isn’t. We have managed to get rid of stuff that way without breaking my heart.
    Good for you for teaching the girls the value of sharing.
    Love, Gram

  7. I think the idea of using the boxes from the gifts to fill and donate is a great one! I donate throughout the year though. I love to purge and pass on big bags of clothing to people who need it, just as I have received it from others when I needed it.

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