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Frugality, my new fashion statement

I am by no means an expert  in this “living on less” life style, in fact, I am VERY new at it.  However, I was talking to a friend of saving on our phone bill, and she said, “I never thought … Continue reading

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Take a Pause for the Cause

Today, I started the day completely out of sorts, and frankly it’s my own fault.   I need to learn how to relax and savor the weekends.  Sundays are supposed to be a day of worship and rest.  I have never been any good … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 1

1. This is my first volume of “7 Quick Takes Friday” which is hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary  .  Jen is a former atheist who converted to Christianity five years ago. Check her out! 2. Taking care of two five-years olds + one two-year old= a … Continue reading

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Summer has officially begun…

Yesterday was the first day of summer and the first day of my new job…what new job you might ask?  Last week an opporunity fell into my lap of caring for a classmate of my oldest daughter.  He is a sweet … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Quiz: What does Daddy do?

Mary, over at Kyooty Center tagged me for a fun Father’s Day meme for the kids to do about good ole Dad.  Check out her blog, and the clip of a bear in HER backyard!  Silly me, I was worried about … Continue reading

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An inheritance of virtues

There are many things my children will not experience because I decided to stay home.  Some of these things could be filed in the  “fun” category: For example, in the near future, we will not able to fly out to California, and Colorado to … Continue reading

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Sweet Surprise

I am excited to say that Tish over at Incremental Improvements gave me a blogging award while I was away at my conference.  Tish is a great gal who also recently quit her job to take care of her beautiful grandkids, she is … Continue reading

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