15 Years Ago

15 years ago, this month, my husband and I had our first date.  I was introduced to Rick that spring by a mutual friend who later shared she thought we would be perfect for each other.  Our friend had arranged several social events over that summer of which both of us were invited, and sometimes the two of us were the only guests.  

So on the second Sunday of October 1995, Rick invited me over for breakfast.  For those of you that don’t know,breakfast is Rick’s favorite meal to make and he does it quite well.  He made eggs, bacon, and his speciality, sauted potatoes with garlic and onions. I was a little nervous as I knocked on the door of his townhouse clutching the bag of bagels I brought to share.  However, over coffee and a few laughs, Rick has a wonderful sense of humor, I began to relax and enjoy myself.  So much so, that when breakfast ended, and Rick suggested we go for a walk on the boardwalk, I agreed.

That Sunday was similar to today, with plenty of sunshine and low humidity.   The boardwalk was now absent of the summer holiday tourist traffic, so we walked the entire length enjoying the mild fall day. We ended up at a local hangout, and shared a piece of cheesecake for a late afternoon snack.

On the way back to his house, we stopped at a speciality beer and wine shop, and purchased a few bottles of Weizen, a German beer.  I was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army in the late 1980s, Rick had traveled there to visit friends.  We watched old movies, and after that we gave each other hugs and said good night. To this day, Rick says it’s the best date he’s ever had…


About Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I am: a rookie at blogging, just started my blog in May 2010 when I became a full-time Mom. a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a listener of the Holy Spirit, and a Catholic. Pro-Life, , Pro-Woman and an adoption advocate wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years proud and grateful mother to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. a coffee drinking fool, so I can keep up with my little girls a home schooling novice using my kindergartener as a guinea pig a runner, it keeps me sane and in my size 8 pants an avid reader , now of Beatrix Potter's books a former workaholic & fashion follower a lover of chocolate, and wine, and the finer things in life, although I cannot afford them anymore!
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7 Responses to 15 Years Ago

  1. Sharon O says:

    wow. 15 years. I can’t remember our first date. I was 15 maybe and he was 16?
    that was many years ago…
    we went to a Sadie Hawkins dance… I asked him to marry me… oh my we did. in the Sadie Hawkins sytle… country judge and ‘straw too’.
    almost 37 years of marriage now and that was at least 2 years before… my memory very dim.
    wow… take care… and may you have many more breakfasts together it sounds wonderful… food and coffee :o)

  2. Sharon O says:

    oops I meant in the {sadie hawkins style}… in the above reply. Should be a nice happy face too…

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  4. Tish says:

    Happy anniversary on your first date! I love reading love stories!

  5. Kyooty says:

    Happy anniversary!!!What a wonderful story.

  6. john says:


    Lisa and I went to Red Lobster, Lisa spilled sugar all over the table, I laughed and scraped the pile onto the floor. We ate, we talked, we kissed each other good night…. That was 1978….I wish I could rewind time and do it all over again…..Life was simple and I wasn’t smart enough to realize that…. Oh for the wisdom of 50 in the body of a 17 year old……

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