7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 16

I can’t belive it’s Friday!  This week and month is flying by! Here’s some highlights of my week:

1. We have been busy with home schooling and baking.  Ladybug is on set 5 of the Bob Books.  Thursday night she read The Best Nest  to Bumblebee and me for a bedtime story.  As for baking, the girls and I are having a lot of fun with our 12 cookies of Christmas project.  Check here on Tuesday to see what we will bake next!

2.  12 weeks to Christmas, and for once in my adult life, I am not stressing about gift-giving, mainly due to the fact, we have greatly curtailed our holiday budget. It’s amazing when you have less money some old worries just melt away on their own.  It is actually very freeing to me. I am looking forward to focusing on the true meaning of the holiday season, the birth of Christ.   

3. This evening, my neighbor is watching my children.  Rick and I are having a date night.  We are actually staying home, I am making a simple dinner of homemade minestrone soup,  salad, and streamed shrimp with Old Bay seasoning.  For dessert, we are having a favorite of ours called Baked Chocolate Tart.  It is a recipe from Jamie Oliver of the Naked Chef fame. Jamie suggests serving it with seasonal berries, or we like it best with whipped cream and Champagne.

4. Today, will be my third week I have participated in 40 Days for Life.  I have met  a majority of wonderful people and have also witnessed a minority of people act in very unChristian ways, however  many positive things have happened over the past three weeks.  Babies have been saved, mothers have been directed to the help they need, and I have joined a cause greater than myself.

5. It is finally feeling like fall around here, well, at least, we stopped running the air conditioning.  The weather has been in the 60s and 70s this week, and no more rain in the forecast. Hurrah!

6.I would like to share this link to Mothering Styles I found at Steady Mom.  There is a quiz that uses your personality type to help discover your parenting strengths and opportunities.  I found it very helpful and thought you may too.

7. This 7 Quick Takes Friday is hosted by Jennifer at the Conversion Diary.  Please click over to her site for more!


About Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I am: a rookie at blogging, just started my blog in May 2010 when I became a full-time Mom. a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a listener of the Holy Spirit, and a Catholic. Pro-Life, , Pro-Woman and an adoption advocate wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years proud and grateful mother to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. a coffee drinking fool, so I can keep up with my little girls a home schooling novice using my kindergartener as a guinea pig a runner, it keeps me sane and in my size 8 pants an avid reader , now of Beatrix Potter's books a former workaholic & fashion follower a lover of chocolate, and wine, and the finer things in life, although I cannot afford them anymore!
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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 16

  1. tricia says:

    Old Bay rocks!!!!
    I love that you are not stressing over the whole gift giving thing. Good for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Kyooty says:

    YAY! for date night. 🙂

  3. Kim D. says:

    Way to go, Lady Bug, on the awesome reading!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. It’s feeling a little fall-like here, too… but we still run the a/c. *sigh* Still, it’s in the 50’s overnight. 🙂 I’ll take it.

    Yippee for Lady Bug! I can’t wait to dig out our phonics program and get started with TheBoy, only yes I can… facing those mountains of books is intimidating!

    My stress over gift-giving is that I’m “late” getting started. With 6 kids, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter, it just takes time to do it. I normally start early and finish before Advent. I’ve not started yet. Today I will order 2 things, though. I will! I will!! I will!!! 🙂

    • I have it easy, two little girls, a husband, a FIL, and an aunt and uncle who are like parents to me. I told my girls Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and he received three gifts from the wise men so you will receive three gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Choose wisely.

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