7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 11

1. With Hurricane Earl bearing down on us, we are leaving home in the wee small hours of the morning to visit our dear friends in Atlanta over the Labor Weekend.  This trip is a minimum of 10 hours each way with a three-year old and a five-year old , so please say a prayer for us.  I hope to come back rested, refreshed, and with my house intact…well, I can dream!

2. Here’s a shot of Rick’s new project, collecting rainwater. He bought two 58 gallon olive barrels for $20 each off Craig’s List.  The entire set-up cost about $100, and that includes a new 25′ gutter for that side of the garage.

3. To finance his project, Rick has started selling our garage “clutter” on Craig’s List, last month he sold $165 worth of “stuff”. Way to go Rick!

4. I am a big library person, but if you order books online, consider half.com.  Rick bought his textbook for this semester for $9, the college bookstore was charging $100 new, and $50 used for the exact same book.  I also bought the Bob books through half.com and saved about 50%.

5. Speaking of the library, I am so excited I found Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn at my local library.  I am bringing it with me on the trip.  This summer I have reduced our grocery bill to about $100 per week, but am ready to save even more.  

6. My new schedule is working well, time to pray,time to think, time to exercise, and time to home school in that order.  As for cleaning the house, I am tacking one project a day during the week.  This works well, IF I have planned the evening meal ahead of time.  For my big projects, Rick is taking the girls for some “Daddy Time” on the weekends for about two hours. I have the satisfaction of actually completing a task.  Two weekends ago, he took the girls to play with train sets for our local bookstore. I was able to clean the playroom, and rid it of many outgrown or unused toys.  I felt so good when I dropped two large bags off at the Salvation Army.  It’s been two weeks, and the girls have not missed any of these toys!  Here are the “Before” and “After” shots.

7. I have enjoyed our short week of full-time home school.  Bumblebee is learning along side Ladybug. I love circle time. Picture the three of us marching around our living room singing”She’s A Grand Ole Flag”. I have always liked that song.  Each day the girls take turns carrying  our 9 X13 flag.  It’s the perfect size for them!

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About Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I am: a rookie at blogging, just started my blog in May 2010 when I became a full-time Mom. a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a listener of the Holy Spirit, and a Catholic. Pro-Life, , Pro-Woman and an adoption advocate wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years proud and grateful mother to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. a coffee drinking fool, so I can keep up with my little girls a home schooling novice using my kindergartener as a guinea pig a runner, it keeps me sane and in my size 8 pants an avid reader , now of Beatrix Potter's books a former workaholic & fashion follower a lover of chocolate, and wine, and the finer things in life, although I cannot afford them anymore!
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11 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 11

  1. stephanie says:

    I am inspired to do the same thing with our playroom. I have a huge box ready to go. I just need to do it when the kids aren’t looking. :0) I also got the BOB books! The cool part for us is the name of the girl circle! And also the triangle. So far so good! Have a safe trip!

  2. tricia says:

    Love the trucks in your toy room. Every little girl needs a decent truck in her collection.
    I’m so excited for you and Rick…going to Atlanta. You are going to have a blast with Patrick and Bozena and the girls. As you know…….her coffee rocks. It’s worth the ten hour car ride. Trust me!
    So happy your feeling good about your new routine with the girls. I’m still working on my routine and it’s been six years. haha
    Be safe and let us know when you arrive in Atlanta.
    Great job on the projects Rick!

  3. Bozena says:

    Like those trucks too. We have remote control plane and amphibia car with four our girls.
    Love your projects. I love giving stuff away.I always get rid of their toys when they aren’t home. Six months after my 8 year old thoug is looking for something and asking me where is it. LOL
    Drive safe and see you soon. Coffee is waiting!

  4. Kyooty says:

    You are doing a wonderful job! I can’t wait for the first month of school. I’m planning to remove all toys that are 3 and under. I haven’t done this in 11yrs. LOL

  5. Kim D. says:

    Hope Hurricane Earl misses your house!
    Your playroom organization looks awesome…I’m hoping to do something similar this fall when things are quiet around here.
    Also…would you be willing to share more details about your new schedule? It sounds quite inspiring!
    God bless–
    Kim D.

  6. Tish says:

    Great post. It sounds like your are really living the life you envisioned when you made the move from the corporate world. My favorite image is of you all marching around the living room to Grand Old Flag! I bought a great CD of Christian children’s songs (Arky-arky, Onward Christian Soldiers, Climb climb up sunshine mountain, etc) and E & J love when it starts and march around our dining room table singing along. J, who has just started walking recently, gets dizzy, so I have to turn them the other direction to “unwind” every couple of songs or so!

  7. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the book sugestion! I’ve been needing some inspiration without increasing my food budget. Sounds like you hit a great stride with everything this week-something I am always working on!

  8. wow, I love the rainwater idea. Very ecofriendly! Happy Wednesday!

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