Cultivating Friendships

Are you taking the time to cultivate friendships?  In the past two days I taken time to make new friends and spend time with a friend that is moving away, and it got me thinking.  Friendships are like gardens.  They need to cultivated and nurtured in order to grow.  I can honestly say over the past four or so years since I have been a parent, I have let several of my friendships wither on the vine due to lack of attention.  There just wasn’t enough time left after juggling the kids, the job, the house, and oh yes, my poor neglected husband too. 

Or was there time?  My husband is the social butterfly of our family, and always find time for friends.  He is very involved in our church, and his fraternal organization.  I think it has to do with the type of personalities we have, his is more people oriented whereas mine is more task oriented. I recently read an article that made perfect sense to me regarding understanding personality types.

What type of person are you?  Do you actively cultivate friendships or are you more satisfied checking off your “TO DO’ list?  Do you find the internet, Facebook, or the blogosphere an alterative to old fashion relationships?

About Mary @ a simple twist of faith

I am: a rookie at blogging, just started my blog in May 2010 when I became a full-time Mom. a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a listener of the Holy Spirit, and a Catholic. Pro-Life, , Pro-Woman and an adoption advocate wife to a wonderful husband for 12 years proud and grateful mother to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. a coffee drinking fool, so I can keep up with my little girls a home schooling novice using my kindergartener as a guinea pig a runner, it keeps me sane and in my size 8 pants an avid reader , now of Beatrix Potter's books a former workaholic & fashion follower a lover of chocolate, and wine, and the finer things in life, although I cannot afford them anymore!
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One Response to Cultivating Friendships

  1. politicalhousewyf says:

    I had to laugh when I read this. My husband would laugh, too, and ask, “Was there ever any doubt?”

    Definitely the to-do list gets priority. I call it being organized and a bit driven. My husband calls it being anti-social. Oh, well…

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